Hypnosis Certification Home Study Course

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Train at Your Own Pace From Home.


Be Earning a Great Income "Helping Others" in as Little as a Few Weeks.


Pay Off Your Entire Tuition Conducting Only 2 - 3 Session. .



There's never been a better time to become a Certified Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is needed more now than ever before. With the current state of affairs in the world today, stress and panic are out of control.


Stress is a major contributing factor in more than 95% of all sickness, disease and disorders. The more that hardships continue to grow, the more our talents as Hypnotherapists will be in demand.



"The more that hardships continue to grow,

the more our talents as Hypnotherapists will be in demand."



.  .



We Offer the Most Comprehensive Course Available Today!  (Updated - Jan. 2021)


This course offers the Complete Basic & Advanced Hypnosis Certification Training. Everything you need to conduct a professional hypnotherapy session with a client is included. You’ll have the knowledge and tools to start your own business as a hypnosis practitioner conducting individual sessions and groups upon conclusion of the course.







We've enhanced our course and added everything required to be able to conduct Hypnosis Sessions Online!


It's Safer - More Effective & Convenient


... for you and your client. Now you have a choice. you can either do live sessions from your own office or you can practice from your home, over the computer, conducting online sessions to your clients from the comfort and safety of their own homes.


Hypnotizing people from their homes is just as effective and in many cases even more effective than an office session. People are more afraid today to leave their homes to attend live, in-person sessions. That’s why doing “virtual sessions” (online) is so very important. .




Problems or Opportunities


Practitioners that fail to utilize Online Hypnosis are sure to be left behind. Those that progress and keep up with technology will have the ability to survive and thrive even in this current state of affairs.


We all have the opportunity to see challenges as problems and give-up or to see them as an opportunities and grow.


Includes conducting individual and group sessions online.





What’s hypnosis

Imagination & hypnosis

The hidden traits of the mind

Sub-conscious activities

The truth vs. myths about hypnosis

Why memories are not absolute

Why hypnosis is not admissible in court

History of hypnosis

The purpose of suggestibility

Analytical vs. non-analytical clients

Various suggestibility tests

Classification of clients

Charting the suggestibility of clients

Building a hypnosis session

Organizing the session

What are inductions

Non-analytical inductions and techniques

Analytical inductions and techniques

What are deepeners

How do analytical vehicles work

Sample analytical vehicles

Hypnosis prescriptions

How to write your own scripts


The hypnogogic state

Getting stuck in hypnosis

Depth levels

The 5 Part Hypnosis Process

The BBSS Scale

Instant pain release methods

Waking hypnosis

Brainwave frequencies

Attaining hypnotic depths levels

Building a complete session

Pediatric Hypnosis

Why Hypnosis ALWAYS works

The meet and greet process

Intake worksheet

Group hypnosis presentation & format

Marketing and advertising hypnosis


Common hypnotic misconceptions

Post session report form

Collecting fees and re-scheduling

Session proficiency exercises

Dangers of hypnosis

Office environment



Online business practices

Webpage success techniques

Elevator speech

Be in the 10% of practitioners

E-mail-auto responders

Online payment portals

Online helpmates

Social media success

Free online advertising

Making YouTube work for you

How much should I charge?

Case Studies

Forensics Hypnosis

Past Life Regression live session and reactions

Instant and rapid introductions

Stress reduction 101

Opening the immune system at will

Healing with hypnosis

The subconscious mind pertaining to healing

Negative statements and their effect

Positive replacements

Effects of Sarcasm on the inner mind

Pain management

Healing techniques

The Bridge technique

Dealing with phobias

Stimuli replacement program

Regression calendar technique

Other regression techniques

Thought stopping

Color imagery

True vs. pseudo regression

Regression detective techniques

Wording in regression

Automatic writing

Additional creative hypnosis methods

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis

Creating your own recorded sessions

Six-step self hypnosis process

Ericksonian hypnosis

Confusion techniques

Bypassing critical mass

Online and Phone Hypnosis

Panic Attacks

Emergency Hypnosis

Placebos and nocebos’

Reading is hypnotic

Writing is magical

Programming your child's mind

Daydreaming - Alpha/Theta Bridge

Subliminal Programming

Sleep hypnosis for children

Covert hypnosis

Pacing and leading

Meditation and hypnosis

Smoking and vaping cessation

Helpful hints



Online marketing success

Getting more clients

Online individual sessions

Online group session

Creating an online store

Creating passive income online

Free placement on top search engines

Dropped calls & service interruptions

Safety issues online

Online hypnosis equipment





Hypnosis Training Diploma and Certification




In addition to the most advanced hypnosis certification training available today:

We pioneered the "30 Day Habit Replacement Program". With it you'll never miss a client. You can hypnotize anyone who can understand your language. (it’s scientific)

Our "Five-Part Hypnosis Session Process" With this formula you can hypnotize your client for virtually any topic imaginable. Just plug-in or create a personalized script for the topic you desire and your entire process is complete. All you have to do is read or record the session. .





Time - The first advantage is that you can study at your own pace. Work on it full time, weekends or whenever you can. You have a full year to complete it.

Tuition - The most popular advantage is the money you'll save due to the low tuition. In fact this Home Study Course includes all the same materials and benefits as our Live Course.

You'll even receive a Full Year Complimentary Certification Membership with the American International Association of Hypnosis upon graduation.

Convenience - The third benefit of the Home Study Course is the convenience which will also save you on travel expenses. By being able to complete this course in your own home you will be saving large amounts of money on not having to travel to an out-of-state training location. This means savings to you in the way of airline fees, hotel expenses, meals, car rentals or other forms of transportation.  



"These savings alone are enough to pay for your entire Home Study Course Tuition."


Will a Home Study Course be Enough For You?

If you decide you need more training and want to take our live course later on, your Home Study Course tuition is 100% transferable towards the future live tuition of the in person or Virtual Training Classroom Training at any of our training locations worldwide. With this feature you won't lose anything by giving the Home Study Course a try first. You may find as the majority of our graduates already have, that the Home Study Course is all the training you'll need to get started, which will have saved you hundreds of dollars and lots of time. .



This Course Includes a One Years "Complementary Membership" in the AIA

As a Hypnosis Certification Graduate (Live Training or Home Study Course) you'll receive a One Years "Complimentary Membership" from your date of graduation with the AIA or you may register for the Complete Gold Membership for full ongoing benefits as seen below:

To learn more about THE AIA Benefits CLICK HERE You'll be glad you did!



As mentioned earlier; only 2 - 3 sessions will pay off your entire tuition and you can have that done before lunch on your first day of work. Even if you only schedule yourself to work 4 days a week; you can easily do 3 – 5 sessions a day but it will take active marketing, networking and a strong work ethic.

I often tell my students that being a success in this business is first being a marketer and second a hypnotist. That rule goes the same for “any” successful entrepreneur.

It’s funny how when you start to tell people that you’re taking a hypnosis course that people seem to "come out of the woodwork" with interest asking you all about it. Many of these people can be your first clients so be sure to write them down and treat them with kindness. .







Only $499.00

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This course is an immediate download. If you have not received your course within 1 hour of purchase, please notify us at









"I received my Diploma from the American School of Hypnosis and I am proud to say it was one of the best things I have done. It was an incredible experience.


I have clients and colleagues all around the world but as Rene has said, it requires work. If you think you can put an add in the paper or get a website and that’s it; your mistaken.


You have the ability now to become more than just a hypnotist more than a cliché.  Now the journey begins. Now you take stock in yourself, you have been given a gift It is up to you to make it a treasure.


Thank you Rene and Raluca it’s been a road worth traveling." 


           Michael Haines, CHP  Marion, MA



ne Hypnosis Home Study Course    3 Day Individual Training    6 Day Full Week Training    AIA Certification    Online Store 




"This course is down to earth and easy to understand. It answers a lot of questions before you ask. The course goes deeper than just hypnotizing someone, it goes into the science of the brain and reactions of being hypnotized, Through the videos you’ll see everything firsthand.


The course is well worth the money."


          Jack Schleuning, CHP San Antonio Hypnotic Treatment Center







"I took the class" Clinical Hypnosis" in January this year and I think it was one of the best decision in my life! I really enjoyed it!!! 


I learned a lot about Hypnosis, I got really priceless tips!! I love to watch your videos on YouTube ! I am very Thankful of everything and I wish to have more time to learn and practice, because I want to put more meaning in this my Hobby.


I also am very proud to be a member in AIA! Thank you so much of everything I learned from you!!!"


           Dimitrina Yorgova, CHP  Richmond, VA



Home    Online Hypnosis Home Study Course    3 Day Individual Training    6 Day Full Week Training    AIA Certification    Online Store 



"I feel I’ve learned what’s needed to create income and provide services to clients. 


I spent three years investigating, weighing and debating schools.  Actually, another school I investigated had a “test” to determine an appropriate school "best-fit" to look for.  Naturally, a good value-for- the-dollar, great time options and a good newsletter helped sway the decision.but the forthright and prompt responses to enquires helped tremendously."      


            Rev. Richard Kohsiek -  Lawrenceville, GA (Minister






"This course was presented in a clear, simple and concise manner that enabled me to understand and absorb the mechanics and feelings that are inclusive in learning hypnosis. 


I would highly recommend this course to anyone with interest in hypnosis and spiritual levels."

            Marc Snowman - NYC  (Mental Health Counselor)





"My Name is Charles Lemming, I am writing in regards to Rene. I have Suffered from end stage congestive heart failure for the past several months, through the power of hypnosis I have been able to improve my worsening heart function from 20% of my entire heart function to now an improved 25% left ventricle. Right ventricle of my heart is functioning normally.


I no longer require the use of my walker to help me with safe mobility. I was also prescribed oxygen for daily use that I now only use at night time. My doctors and nurses can not believe how well I am doing.


I want thank the American School of Hypnosis for being so helpful and giving me the tools to improve my life. Thank you,"


           Charles Lemming





"Excellent class - very informative.  Opened up a whole world of opportunities


Thanks Rene!" 

Gail Nowak,  Portland, ME




System Requirements & Legal Notices: This is an online course designed to be viewed through your computer. Although most computers already have the required programs built into their systems, if you do not have programs to be able to view these types of files, they can be found online for free. Here are some sites to get them. If you're able to view YouTube videos on your computer, you'll be able to view the course videos. This is a copy written course. All of the materials within are designed to be viewed and listened to from your computer. They are not allowed to be copied, printed, recorded, saved or transferred to other locations or programs. Any books are available online in printed form at our online store if desired. Due to the nature of this course being totally downloadable, once you have purchased it there are no refunds. From time to time various states or countries may change their policies pertaining to hypnosis. It is your responsibility to check on your state or countries regulations or restrictions before registering. Any mention of possible income that can be made in any of the marketing materials is not guaranteed. We cannot guarantee if you will make an income or how much as each person is different and it is a result of your efforts, marketing knowledge, how much you apply yourself to our marketing materials and the area you work in. Such variables cannot be gauged so income potential is entirely your responsibility and we will not be held liable. Thank you.




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