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Weight Loss I


By ASH Author

      Now take a deep breath ... exhale ... and relax ... just allow everything to let go ... you have no place else to be ... nothing else to do ... but just sit back, relax, and let go completely ... You are here to lose weight and to become healthier ... and the way you are going to lose weight ... beginning right now ... is just by relaxing ... that's right, you are going to sit back ... relax ... and allow yourself to accept all the suggestions ... that I am about to give you ...

     If you can accept all the suggestions that are being given to you without being critical of them or without over examining them ... and can follow my instructions exactly as I give them to you, you will lose all the weight you desire and attain your goal weight ... Let me repeat that again so it is perfectly clear ... If you can accept all the suggestions that are being given to you without being critical of them or without over examining them ... and can follow my instructions exactly as I give them to you, you will lose all the weight you desire and attain your goal weight ...

     Yes this is a very strong statement to say however in the relaxed state that you are now in, your mind is more open to suggestions than at any other time ... and suggestions given in this state are very effective to the subconscious mind ...

     Being in this relax state that you are now in you may be hearing everywhere that I say ... or you may only be hearing bits and pieces. As your mind strays back and forth ... here ... and there ... it doesn't matter whether you're listening to me as I speak or not ... all you need to do is relax ... Your conscious mind may be floating all over with many different thoughts going through it ... however you're subconscious mind hears everything, and always pays attention ... and it is to the subconscious mind that I am speaking to right now ...

     From this very moment, starting right now ... You no longer have the urge to overeat or to snack in between meals ... Because healthy, well-balanced meals, more than satisfy your appetite ... and the taste and fragrance of your food are better than ever before ... Rich, heavy, suite, fattening foods and drink just no longer appeal to you ... Because healthy life-giving foods taste wonderful, and fill you up.

     From now on you noticeably eat your food slower ... Chewing your food thoroughly ... You put down your fork in between bites and don't pick it up again until the bite in your mouth is gone ... you chew slowly so you can digest your food better and you find that you become full, even though you have eaten much less than before.

     Imagine yourself right now, standing in front of you at your goal weight ... Imagine yourself standing there and notice what you are wearing, how you look ... How you feel ... Notice how healthy you are ... Notice the confidence that you have ... Look at yourself, get it clear in your mind, because this is the “goal” you. How much do you weigh in this picture? ... Get that weight clear in your mind ... This is the weight that you feel you can comfortably reach, your goal weight ... See yourself clearly, with as much detail as possible ... This is you, this is your goal ... this is what you will become if you follow all of these instructions, exactly as they are given to you ...

     You will find you'll be drinking water more than you ever have before ... water will be there to help you lose weight and to remain healthy. Before every meal, you will drink at least one glass of water ... That wonderful crisp, clear refreshing water will taste great to you ... You'll find yourself craving water more and more each and every day ...

     From now on you will eat only healthy meals, not becoming hungry in between meals ... You'll not want to overeat or stuff yourself because you'll feel so much healthier, so much happier, so much more vigorous, without an uncomfortable over filled stomach ... You will eat until you are satisfied, and not until you are stuffed ... You will best accomplished this by eating slowly ... By eating slowly you will not become full as quickly as before ...

    When you do snack from now on you will snack on healthy items ... No longer will sweets or unhealthy munchie-crunchy foods appeal to you. From now on healthy foods appeal to you and if you find yourself in need of something to eat, you'll search out healthy foods and of course you will drink water.

     You'll not lose weight so quickly that it will harm your health, but you will lose weight in a steady constant manner ... and with your new lighter physique you'll find that you have more energy ... Energy that will be needed to be put to good use ... You'll find you can move around more easily and exercise more than you have before ... Everything you do will become easier … and you will want to do more each and every day to increase your health.

     No longer do you eat due to boredom ... No longer do you eat just for something to do ... No longer do you eat because you are nervous, tense or frustrated. Negative eating is all part of the past.

     From now on, you eat to sustain yourself ... You "eat too live", and not "live to eat", that is all part of the past ... You now get enjoyment from other things rather than just food ... You find that doing healthy fun things, brings you enjoyment ... Eating is just something that you do to get energy so you can continue doing the things you enjoy ...

     Each meal that you eat, you'll leave a small portion of food in your plate, that you will then throw away once you are finished ... It is no longer important to eat every morsel of food in your plate ... As you find yourself doing this, more and more you'll find that portion you left in your plate to become more and more ... This will aid you in not eating such large meals ... When you are eating at home you'll leave the food on the stove or the serving area and only bring the food to the table that is in your plate. By not having all the food around you at the table you'll find it easier to eat less. You'll find that by having one plate of food that you will be completely satisfied, even knowing that you have left some food on your plate ... It will give you confidence to know that you can walk away, leaving food on your plate ... confidence that will continue to grow more and more as you proceed toward your goal ...

        (Additional personal suggestions can be added here)

     You are in control of yourself now and are taking the first step at controlling your eating habits ... right now ... Take control ... Eat healthier ... And attain your goal weight.

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