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Wealth & Prosperity

By Rene A. Bastarache, CI

     Id like you to use your imagination ... Imagine your own mind as a garden. You are the gardener and you are planting seeds The seeds are your thoughts, all day long you are planting thoughts or seeds in your subconscious mind based on the way that you normally think ... The way that you think, and you sow the seeds in your subconscious mind are the same way that you will reap the reward in your body and your surroundings.

     You must begin to sow new seeds. You must plant seeds of peace, happiness, right action, prosperity, and wealth. Think quietly right now on the qualities that you would like to sow in your garden in your mind and accept them fully in your conscious, reasoning mind. Continue to plant these wonderful seeds in the garden of your mind and as they grow you will reap the benefits of your deepest desires.

    Change the way that you think from now on. You will no longer end a negative statement. When you find yourself saying something negative immediately stop yourself and finish it positively. Each negative statement that you make is planting a negative seed in your mind whereas each positive statement is planting a positive seed. Your subconscious mind takes everything literally and when you make a negative statement or a positive statement it will try everything within its power to make those statements come to pass. From now on you want only positive statements such as I can afford it or I can do this.

     The law of life is the law of belief. A belief is a thought in your mind. Do not believe in things that can harm you or drag you down. Believe in the power of you subconscious mind to heal, strengthen and cause you to succeed. What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.

     You are always on the look-out for good, positive opportunities. New opportunities easily and frequently come your way. You are on top of your game and recognize all opportunities as they occur. You always seem to be at the right place at the right time.

     Change your thoughts and you change your destiny. See yourself the way you want to be. Visualize yourself right now as the prosperous person that you would like to be, realizing that you have a right to be this person. You deserve prosperity. Prosperity, health and happiness are natural. Meagerness, sickness and sadness are un-natural. Therefore imagine the natural you, as that healthy, happy and prosperous person. Get it clearly in your mind. What are you wearing? What are you doing? Focus on how you are feeling emotionally and physically as this healthy, happy and prosperous person. See yourself no longer having stress from bills as you now have more than enough money to pay bills, invest in your business, your future and even plenty for vacation and travel.


     You now have more than enough! This person that you are imagining right now is you, accept it as you. Allow it to become you. As you accept it and acknowledge yourselves as this healthy, happy and prosperous person, so will it become. Commit everything about this person to memory, how you look, how feel and how you are acting, so you can remember and see yourself as this person as often as possible. As long as you can keep these positive thoughts and memories alive, they will become your reality.

     You keep moving forward. You no longer accept things as they are you are always keeping yourself positive and never give up. You keep on pushing onward and moving upward.

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